East Coast Columns and Mouldings manufacture a range of polymer composite columns for various applications i.e interior and exterior decorative columns to columns of structural integrity.

Our products are tried and tested in the construction industry for the past 15 years, since the company was founded.

Through consistency in our manufacturing processes we are able to provide a product that is four times stronger than conventional concrete at a fraction of the weight.

The result is a column that is durable as well as quick and easy to install.

The finishing on the column is such that no plastering or preparation is necessary, simply install and paint.

The columns are manufactured in the following diameters:

160, 230, 300, 330, 400, 450 & 600 mm in lengths of:

2.100, 2.400, 2.700 & 3.000 mm.

The columns can also be stacked to obtain longer required lengths. All with matching caps and bases.