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The frames are cast in a polymer composites material which is symmetrical and extremely durable. It has a very smooth surface and needs no preparation or finishing before painting.

The frame consists of a window surround (plaster band) and reveal. The aluminium window (any size or configuration) is pre-fitted and installed as a unit after the wall has been plastered


  • No cement or aluminium causing discolouring or scratches .
  • Glass panes remain unscratched as there is no mortar to be removed.
  • All plaster bands are the same width and thickness as they are moulded – not plastered on.
  • As the apertures are the right size the windows are easily and quickly fitted.

Where windows are replaced during alterations, the old window can be removed and the new ones fitted at the same time. Your property is therefore secured the same day.

Turn-around time is reduced to a minimum and on-site aluminium theft is avoided.

Although we have standard sizes, we can purpose make the windows with any configuration.

Some standard window sizes
***Please note all designs and sizes are customizable
600 X 600 600 X 900 600 X 1200  
900X1200 900X1800 900X1800  
1200X1200 1200X1800  

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